I Love Growing Marijuana

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I love growing marijuana.

I started growing my own weed a few years ago for fun. Now, I've grown twice and am working on my third.

I want to share some of my journey here in this blog.

My first attempt was one single plant about 4 years ago. I used some old bag seed I had saved and decided to stash the plant outside where it wouldn't be obvious to anyone coming over. I didn't treat it very well. I watered it once or twice a week. No nutrients or anything extra. The harvest was less than 50 grams. But I was still proud of my little plant.

This summer I decided to try it again. Bigger and better. Again I used the same bag seeds I have been saving. But this time I was working with 4 plants. One of them turned male and had to be destroyed. The other 3 plants came our pretty well. I took much better care of them and introduced organic nutrients to them. My yield was still lower than I had expected at 75g per plant. But with questionable seeds you get questionable results.

Now I've decided to try an indoor setup over the winter. I've got a 600w led panel I'm going to put to good use. I'm ordering seeds from seedbanks and seed traders. And I'm planning on using some different nutrients this time around.

If you are a grower, new or seasoned, let's trade tips! I would love to meet some new people and share our grow stories.

Happy Growing
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