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By train from Madras central towards Hyderabad via Guntakal..
trip of more then 14 hours..now..Hyderabad..was a Muslim town..
it's a twin town with Secunderabad..there's a lake inbetween..
and in Hyderabad itself the Musi river..nothing special...
I mainly came to Hyderabad because I heard about a museum called Salar Jung..
somebody told me..to go and see this..so..I did..my base was Hyderabad Railways..
where I booked a room for 2 nights in the retiring rooms..cheap..
Salar Jung..was a *nizam* of Hyderabad=kind of sultan status..
this dude..colleted items from all over the world..very rare pieces..
priceless..it's a bit stuffy in Indian museums sometimes..
but..I did enjoy these artifacts..worthwhile really..
there are some jade pieces in there...which are amazing..
it took me a few hours to go through all this stuff..
so day 1 in Hyderabad..I just took a ricksjah towards Charminar..
now..this is a minaret like gate..the landmark for this town..
old structure dating from the late 1500's...impressive..
one can go to the top of this whole thing..but..I did not go..
the Muslim bazars in the aligning streets..were a feast for the eyes..
don't miss the Lad Bazar..this town is know for pearls...
I enjoyed the perfume shops of this bazar..ask for *attar*scents..
these are concentrated oils in very small bottles..very strong..
in the direct neighbourhood of the Charminar..the unavoidable
Masjids..like the Mecca Masjid and the Jami Masjid..nice mosques..
no need to tell you..it's hot,stuffy,crowded..I sweated like a horse..
I took some mutton roll as food..kind of like a kebab really..
I was really tired..not only from the train trip..but from Hyderabad..
nowadays..Hyderabad town..just like Bangalore...
is very famous for computer technology..
so..day 1..gone..very hectic..
next day..was gonna visit Golconda *qila*=fort..and Secunderabad..
I'll try to get you peeps a link for Hyderabad town..
crazy Tiger..

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