How Sad. Cyclone Larry has devastated much of this area!

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The area I stayed for most of my time in Australia was devastated by cyclone Larry. Some of the places pictured in this journal are no longer like this. I'm glad I was able to capture some of the area's outstanding beauty in these photos.

I know much of the rainforest from Cardwell to Cairns was hit hard, also affecting Tully, Mission Beach, Innisfail, Babinda, Kurramine Beach, the Atherton Tablelands, etc.

I suppose I was fortunate to leave just weeks before the hurricane cause the tiny town I was staying in, Bingil Bay was nearly wiped out.

The good news is that there were NO deaths, and injuries were not widespread. People took shelter in the strongest buildings and survived.

One of my good friends who lives on the tablelands lost his house and out buildings. Every tree around him was flattened. His family was safe.

He is so stoic, and upbeat, as are most Aussies when confronted with disaster. He never ceases to amaze me with his positive attitude and humor.

Cairns, Kuranda and Cape Tribulation were all spared the worst of the cyclone, and are still fine to visit! It might be interesting to take a side trip to the cyclone ravaged areas to see what mother nature is capable of doing.


If anyone visits the area, could you post up images in the Australia gallery of the destruction?

I wish all afflicted by the cyclone a speedy recovery. I hope the tourists return to the area so the economy will recover quickly.
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