Hot Damn!

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Welcome! And thanks for checking out my blog! No idea what I'm doing with it, so just sit back and enjoy the cray cray!! lol :)

I love meeting new people, and am looking forward to checking out this site! Hit me up for whatever! I love learning new things :) Reading and books are my passion.

Well, I'm a Civil Engineer from Virginia Tech! #HOKIENATION forEVER! I have a chronic pain condition and have to take a lot of narcotics. I'm hoping to someday be able to quit them completely. I'm a Virginia Tech shooting survivor. I'm writing a book addressing problems of PTSD, Chronic Pain, addiction to prescription pain meds, addiction in general, and anxiety. If you ever want to talk, or have been through the same, I'm a great listener :) xoxo I hope I can help people deal with some of the things I've had to go through. Until then, time to pop another roxy! lol :)

xoxoxoxo <3

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