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Hopi, otherwise translated as 'peace' is the name for a very religious, close knit, and well groomed tribe living in northern Arizona towards the east. They live in the desert, high upon the plateaus and mesa's surrounding the desolate land.

In the beginning, Taiowa the lord of the infinite and never-ending created that which could end; it called him Sotuknang. It tells him, go now and make the universe fit for my plan; and make it harmonious with all. He creates, 9 universes; one for himself and one for Taiowa, the other 7 was for the kingdom with which, within they dwell.

Sotuknang is then given the task to create the first world, He does so and gives life to what the Hopi call, the "Spider Woman." When she is awoken, she asked "why am I here?" Sotuknang tells her that she was given wisdom, knowledge and love. And that she must create life within the planet, and she must help him.

The Spider Woman then gives life to twins, and tells them that which she was told. And that the twin on the right is to make life solid. And the twin on the left is to make life echo. Then the twins were told to sit on the axis of the earth, and to keep it always moving. The north and south pole. Then, she created all the life upon the earth.

Sotuknang tells Taiowa to look at the earths beauty with great happiness in his heart, and Taiowa does so.

Taiowa, then says it is ready for human life; the final touch of his plan.

The Spider Woman is then told to create the humans. She instead of using single elements, like which she did for life of the planet. She created humans from 4 colors, yellow, red, white and black. 4 of which were created in the image of Sotuknang and the 4 others were created in her own image so that they may help Sotuknang image(s)

Thus was the beginning of creation. The story goes onto talking about very interesting things including the phases of life, similar to that of the sun. Then the story speaks of our soft spots on our heads, they are gateways into where life has come from; seperate from our brain. The first world is eventually destroyed.

These are the Priests of Two Horns, which will be covered in later documentation. So far the story resembles many religious scriptures, it's strange how ironically close everything is when it comes to god. Makes you think that everyone was right, the bible and all the scriptures were just tales from different eyes. When I have time I will finish this documentation, for now im off to work; I hope you enjoyed the read.
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