hitch hiking through Germany=Bochum-Ulm..

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SO..Bochum..very industrial regio of Germany..
it was mid june..good weather..and holiday season..
means lots of traffic on German highways..
in my opinion Germany and the UK..and Netherlands..
were best bets for hitching a ride mid 70's..
in Germany..one could hitch from rastst?tte to rastst?tte..
a rastst?tte is a place on highways where people could make
a stopover to eat,tank benzine,just a relax in travell..
if one could stand on the exit where the cars were going back
direction highway..one easily got a ride sometimes..
i used to write a destination on a piece of cardboard..
so that the driver knew...were I wanted to go..
I reached K?ln in 1 go..K?ln is very big..a maze of highways..
from K?ln got a ride towards Wiesbaden-Mainz..
stood there for a while..and reached Frankfurt..
from there I took direction W?rzburg..and finally reached Ulm..
my aim next day..was reaching Switserland mountain areas..
like St.Moritz..Davos..very well know for wintersports..
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