hitch hiking the Costa Blanca(Spain)

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Valencia is a nice town..but I would not waste more time there..
as said before..I was slowly moving..i could have taken a straight
bus to the Costa del Sol..but I was thinking about saving my budget..
for Africa..i wanted to see Lisboa(Portugal)as well..before moving into
Morrocco..i had a plan to cross from Alg?ciras to Ceuta..then T?touan..
T?touan was know these days for hasjiesh trade..so was Tanger..
so after Valencia..got a ride to Gandia that day..that's all..could not
get any further..so I slept somewhere there..don't remember where??
next day..I was more lucky..via Benidorm(well known resort now)I got
to Alicante-Elche-Murcia..Elche is a nice place..I slept that day around
Murcia..climate was getting much better..link for Costa Blanca regio...
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