Hippies Old And New?

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What is it, to be a hippie?

I recall the old times, yes I was a kid when the hippies originally became active. But the mindset lived on into the late 70s around here. I had a small
but heavy AM radio that I carried when I was like 3 and up. I am from a college town, so Thursday night on I got to listen to that "long haired-hippie, dope
smokin' music" (as my folks called it) and I loved it. When a cool song came on I ran to the other end of the house and turned it up. I grew up liking hip
stuff, started growing my hair out when I was 12. My friends were all kids of my parents' friends, so it was cool to hang with them, they were three years
older than I, which opened me up early to the world "as it should be" in my eyes. They graduated when I was a freshman, and went to college. Which meant I got
some good "gifts" when they came home on break. Lol. But in the meantime I got together with other kids my age @15, 16yo.

My friend lived in a town of maybe 400 people, maybe 5 miles from me. And there was a road going downhill just past the bridge, had a "rest stop" (remember
those?), where bikers and older hippies still living as they pleased would stop and relax and hang out. So we would go hang out there. These folks would smoke
weed and hashish with us, offer us a beer or two. We had some really good times with some damn good-hearted folks. Hell, back then if you got caught cruising
around the burger joint drinking, the cop would have you standing there, pouring your beer out where everybody could yell and laugh at you. Then you'd get
told not to be seen in town the rest of the night. Weed? It was confiscated, and you were told the same thing.

My, how things have changed!!!!!
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