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Hearken ye
Hear ye the spirit dwelling neath these mere words

Change come upon us, ready or not
And still we our fate must decide
For never did come change from without
Till first it initiate from within.

The howling of dire words from without
Change hearkens not to
But the clarion call from within
Creates it's coming forth in this Now.

Whether ye heed or not
Was ever up to you.
Shall you take the fools leap
Ever anon into the Beyond ? - ....
Or suffer the lament
Of those that would not try
For fear of failure held thee fast
And your beauty of Being, ye hid
Amoungst dubious distractions.

Yeah but though you heed not now the call to Be
A time will come home unto thee
When change ye must
And to thine own Self be True
For none can Be but that they Are
What will Be, Was
And Shall into the Now Become

So Mote it Be

Blessed Be

Yah Namaste
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