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take what will help ....in the receiving it no longer is mine but yours....do with it as you will...

I finish after I hold forth.....with laughter...Enjoy !


Recognizing that Healing is an interference with the course of action undertaken, the first question must be: does one wish healing - will they accept it unto themselves, will they allow it by belief and desire; closely followed by the second: will they commit with honest intent to Change and so correct their course to be in harmony with the lessons and actions undertaken by the Higher Self, their "purpose for being here. (some token change, with the far reaching commitment and Intent for greater Change works well).

And lastly...before any action is taken by the systemized gross medical field, please retest to make sure the "disease' is still present.....expect miracles ...they happen all the time.

Do not talk about it, many send negative energy of unbelief unconsciously...do not make it a target; so do not talk of it before or after, honoring our own desire for anonymity.

Healing is taking a chance and interfering with a course of action.

Interfering, and setting a Change in it's place.

Without that Change taking place, the course recirculates and comes back stronger than before.

Dis-ease is caused by the entity being dis-stressed by lack of commitment and follow through on a course the higher Self set for it.

Intent not followed up on becomes a lie to ourSelfs and causes great dis-ease.

A healing can be initiated from without with the agreement that Change must take place.

Without the person being healed committing to that Change, often the healing does not happen; unless they do Change the initial dis-ease/distress returns and move yet again to bring Change in another Way.

Change Is the turning and enacting Being True to Self.

The higher Self came through into the physical formulating a personality to take on the lessons and actions planned before incarnating.

Our "game plan" can be added to as we Grow and develope....it is not cast in stone, however the originating concepts will be adhered to, the lessons learned, the action fulfilled....either in detail or by inclusive changes that play into a greater role of Growing and Learning and Becoming More.

The Higher Self does not "make" us do things, it sets into actions a blueprint which is maleable to bring about desired affects. Free will is the domain of the experiencer, the one who "decides".

Empowering the individual means that the individual gains it's Power back by Being True to Self....following what it Knows to be "right", moving into and with the flow taking it to the desired resultant Changes and Growth.

Ultimately the person doing the healing is the individual who takes on the energy of Change turning back to the Self and Being True. A healer but presents the possibility to the entity and steers it to "See" the possibilities, (focuses universally available energies, which are not 'owned' by any); the commitment and honest intent to Change, the agreement with the higher Self in Spirit, comes between the one who Chooses and the" Being" who Grows and learns, who "harvests" the experiences for the Becoming More.

A Place of not Honoring the Self brings dis-ease and dis-stress which leads to an attempt to change the perceptions and predilections of the one who is choosing in such a Way as to dis-honor the initiating purpose for which it came into being to fulfill.

We have the right to Know, indeed even the duty to find out, if forgotten, that which is ours to Do.

Vision questing is one of the fastest strongest acting ways to garner this insight into out Being. The symbols of the vision are our own....some of insight maybe able to help in inciting to clarity but the chooser decides how much to pay attention, and how much to follow through.

A true healer helps one to find union with the Higher Self.

A true teacher helps one find union with the higher Self.

Both do so out of the fulfilling of their own Way, and must then get out of the other's way and let them follow their own Bliss that comes from the rewards of Becoming More.

To attempt to control or remain a ruling force in another's life will cause distress and disease and initiate the lessons needed to help one see the error of that Way.

We choose to empower ourSelfs....or not.

Choosing the Path of least resistance weakens the vessel. Choosing that which we "know" is ours strengthens the resolve and furthers one along the Way.

and here endeth the message I felt the need to pass on...use as you will, even as the energy focused becomes your to deal with as you will....so too these words.
Use what helps you and rings true and empower yourSelf....take back your Power....BE !
And with all you Do....Enjoy
Honest Laughter has always been the highest form of appreciation, for we "See" that we are the dreamers observing the dream...and Awakening means many things.

Much love,

We enhance the quality of Existence
We fulfill our potential in a manner beneficial to All
We join in Full Awareness, Total Cooperation
and Complete Union with our GodSelf

Open to Love
Surrounded by Love......Mind creates the concept
Full of Love.................Desire provides the motivation
Channels of Love..........Doing is the test
We are Love

Life is an opportunity and becomes what you make of it

May the Light of Love ever Guide your Way
Grow on ... Enjoy !

Peace Blessings

oldwolf at www.hipforums.com

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