Harley, Love Of My Life.

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In October of 2004, I hit up my local comic shop to meet up with a few of my friends who were there playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was that night I met Chrystaline. She was so beautiful, i felt privilived to be in her presence. We sat to talk as all the others in the role play group got into a big convo. Apparently we weren't the cool kids this night. We hit it off fairly well and parted ways as everyone went on their way, and I went home. I spent the night thinking about her.

I called my friend Amber the next day to ask her if Chrystaline had a man. My lucky day, she was single, so I asked Amber to pass my number along to her. I was at the Terryville Fair when I got a phone call from a strange number. "Who the shit is this is?", I asked "slightly" inebriated. "Lol, this is Chrystal." And we talked for an hour or so. Our relationship started off with us talking on the phone for hours at a time about anything we could think of. I won't pretend that I didn't think it would work with us, I living in Bristol, her in West Hartford. I was wrong. Just didn't know how wrong.

After numerous trips out to see her, bumming rides from my friends cuz I had no car, she invited me to a party at her friends house. We got FUCKED up that night on a variety of beers and assorted liquors. Problem was, we had nowhere to crash that night. We spent the night wandering West Hartford Center and eventually made it to her parents house. We snuck into her room and crashed out. Until her dad came upstairs.

Her father was in the yard doing yard work and Cale up to ask for her help. He wasn't aware that she had 2 boys in her room despite the fact that it was expressly forbidden. He flipped and kicked her out.

Again, we found ourselves wandering around, tired and hungry and battling slight hangovers. We ended up.at her friend Luke's house and when it became clear that we couldn't crash for the night, I called my brother and got us, more importantly, her, a place to crash for a few days. I had to make itanything,me for work the next day and made sure to talk to her for a good portion of the night when I got out.

I was living at my friend Sean's house at the time, and I asked if she could crash for a little while til I found her a permanent spot to place her in. She was kicked out of her house because her dad saw ME in her bed, I felt obligated to do everything I could to make sure she had a warm place to sleep every night. So Chrystal began couch riding at Sean's and it was going well for us. We would go out for walks at night, hit the park, get stoned and make love under the stars in the cold October air.

One of our trysts involved me losing my phone in the snow while we were fucking. The next morning I went to go look for it and after thankfully finding my Nokia brick, I wanted nothing more than to cover up in a blanket and get warm. I went into the room Sean and I were sharing at the time and Chrystal was on the bed with a nice, warm blanket on. I made the mistake of climbing into the bed and snuggling with her.

Sean's parents are Roman Catholic.

His father flipped his scrip over something I didn't think was a big deal. We were both fully clothed, we weren't doing anything, although, I'm sure her rubbing my arm didn't translate very well through the blanket.....

So that went to shit. And again, musical houses. This time it was off to Nicole's house........ Sigh.....

Nicole is my first real girlfriend and the girl I gave my innocence to. Although she was my ex, we were friends first and I wasn't giving up our friendship cuz we used to fuck. She was seeing a guy that I had never met, and which should have prompted my red flag, but I made the mistake and let my guard down.

Takya. This is what he called himself. His name is Mark, and my one mistake cost us dearly.

"Ty" as we called him for short, was bald, pierced and had his face tattooed with an eagle. He told us he was Blackfoot Native from Montana. In my experience, I've never come across a Blackfoot, but I knew several Cherokee and they had lighter skin, so him not being dark didn't raise a flag. Shortly before we met him, there was an accident involving a dump truck crashing into a car because of brake failure killing the woman and child inside. He told us it was his wife and daughter and that he was getting a settlement. That was his lure to con me and a load of my friends.

Now, I know someone reading this is going to call me an idiot. I admit it. I bought his story, simply because I used to be naive enough about the world that I couldn't bring myself to believe that someone would make up such a thing. I've made up some fucked up shit before, but to tell people your wife and daughter (who are both alive and well, BTW) were killed in a horrific accident is a little far for me...

Anyway, Mark was, unbeknownst to me, grifting cash off of some of my friends, and using it to buy amazing weed that "he brought back from the reservation" (he really did live on a reservation for a while, as part of a rehabilitation program) and then one day he asked us if we wanted to try some opium. Again, being young and stupid, I gave it a whirl. Tasted awful.

So shit got tense after a while and Chrystal and I left in the middle of the night one night and walked to my moms house, 20 miles away. About an hour into our journey, we were picked up by a cop who brought us to the gas station down the road so we could try to get a ride. After a few attempts and no luck contacting anyone, we continued on foot. About another 45 minutes went by and a state trooper picked us up and brought us the rest of the way to Torrington.

About a week in I called Nicole's house and her mother said she wasn't home and I asked if "Try" was around. This is when I found out about him and all the stupid nonsense that was tearing us all apart from.each other. Apparently Mark had gotten a couple other people before he got to me and my friends. So his dumb mistakes got him busted for check fraud. Shortly after I found out about this, another one of my friends informed me that the opium we smoked was actually crack he had chopped down into powder. Fucking crack heads.....
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