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I used to think I couldn't play music instruments because it felt awkward. I decided to challenge myself and I switched hands while writing a Bible passage. Within 15 minutes my handwriting was better than my right. Since using my left hand my right hand penmanship sorta copies my left. My father would have loved to live off the millions I'd have made while in a band shredding guitar and playing piano at the same time, but alas this route was not to be taken. I was entered into a program with the idea of telling children they were right handed... So life would be easier for them. I believed them, and gave up on my music career because I couldn't play the solo to freebird right off the rip. Now that I know im a natural I need help. Should I write an opera or still start with the scales. I think I can figure something out with Tabs.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm sorry for not picking up the slack for my band Orpheus back in the late 90s. I let you guys down after the our set at the kiddie arcade Egos got bad after we played in front of a crowd...

I'll just stick to pretending I can sing.
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