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We took a bus towards Keszthely..nice trip..it gave us a chance..
to see the Balaton lake..popular holiday destination..for East bloc
citizens..but also for Western tourists..lots of campings,hotels etc...
Balaton lake is about a 80kms long and at least 10kms..
from one shore to the other one..around Tihany a peninsula cuts into
the lake itself..we did not visit this place..since our bus went straight
to Keszthely..Hungarian buses were not that bad..and not expensive..
Keszthely was a small provincial town with some charm..
we directly took a connecting bus towards H?viz..my wife was crazy
about thermal spas..this H?viz lake...is the biggest in Europe..
the bus ride from Keszthely to H?viz is a short 20 min.ride..
when we reached there..we went first to the tourist office..
checked out a bed and breakfast..but it was not to our liking...
and we took a 2 nights stay in a rather good style hotel close to the
lake...there was an indoor thermal bath as well..but we went to have
a swim in the lake itself..let me tell you all..it was damn warm water..
the lake is situated on a crater which must be deep down..
the water was about 30 degrees Celsius..it stays like that..
even in wintertime..it's a very funny site..the lake looks..
like giving out fumes..we took a protection inflatable tyre..
since my wife could not swim in deep water..I didn't..I could swim..
we really enjoyed swimming in that lake..there was a pavillion..
from which you could start swimming..one had to pay to get into the water..
after a good swim..one feels bit tired..effect of minerals which
are in the water itself...it's a health resort..so..lots of folks swim..
we went back to the hotel and we got some food..nothing special..
one can sleep well after a thermal swim in H?viz..next day..we planned
another visit to the lake..there's really not much else to do in H?viz..
I'll try to find a good link on H?viz..please visit this place..if you do Hungary...
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