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Thessaloniki is a real nice Greek town..lots of parallel streets..
Youth hostel was a small side street somewhere..
I made a walk around the main boulevard..nice fruit and vegetable shop..
I went to the railway find out about trains towards Yugoslavia..
but they turned out to be to hitch hiking was the only option morning I set off direction Polykastron-Evsoni..
stood at least 2 hours on the outskirts of town..some Germans gave me
a ride to Gevgelia(border Yougoslavia) and further north towards Skopje(Macedonia)border check Greece-Yougoslavia went smoothly..
in Skopje the Germans dropped me..i was hitching towards Pristina..which
is nowadays capital of Kosovo region..these days Yougoslavia was still a
very nice country under was greater Bosnia,Servia was a very cheap country in these from Skopje I was real a ride straight to Vienna(Austria)with 2 Australians chicks going
to Vienna-Budapest..they let me sleep in their van as well..via Beograd--
towards Zagreb-Ljubjlana-Varazdin-Maribor..crossed into Austria at the
border crossing Spielfeld..then Graz(capital of Steiermark)nice scenery in
Austria..up to Vienna..where I left the Australians..real nice chicks..
will tell more later a very funny ride between Vienna-Salzburg
P.S..Link for Thessaloniki(Greece)
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