Good to go barefoot

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Today was a good day to be barefoot everywhere. I went to Wal-Mart barefoot and i saw two others barefoot a guy and a girl and there bottoms of there bare feet where black almost as black as mine. It was 85 degrees today and the ground was not hot at all. And after Wal-Mart and went to get a hamburger to eat and as i went in side to order i had some people look at my bare feet i was in a tee shirt and shorts and i could hear some people say that i shouldn't be in there barefoot . I even seen one of them talking to the manager about my bare feet but he said that theirs no law against being barefoot in Wendy's . And they asked him to ask me to leave and he said no i will not ask him to leave and maybe they should take there food to go instead of dinning in . So that was great to hear and then i saw a lady and her kids come in and her kids where barefoot and the kids where about 9 or 11 years old and that was great to see and as i was driving home i saw bare feet on someone's dash of someone's car . And as school was letting out for the day i saw at least 13 kids walking barefoot from school. Boys and girls i haven't seen that many kids walking home barefoot. I don't see kids walking barefoot that much but this year mite be different this year i hope they know that it's really healthy for them to go barefoot as much as they can't . Like me i was like 4 od they guy's that i knew in school that wnet to school barefoot. And the girl's there's was a lot of girl that would take off there shoes and go barefoot all day like us. I hope to see more people go barefoot this year i love looking at bare feet and i like to have my bare feet looked at to so everybody keep barefooting.
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