going down to the Provence(France)

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so..after Volvic..got a ride to St.Etienne..
I was gonna go down to the valley of the Rhone river..
loveley regio of France...Valence-Mont?limar...
now...Mont?limar is well famous for a nougat(sweet)
it reminded me of Granna(Sweden)I did not have time..
to either taste or buy it..got on to Avignon..aww..just visit..
loveley city..once there were popes here...religion,you know??
the regio of Provence stole my heart..it's a sunny part of France..
I reached Avignon that day..but I did not sleep..
sous les ponts d'Avignon..very famous French song..
pont=bridge..I'll get you all a link about this place..
just travell along a bit with me,will you??
I don't even recall where I slept..my memory slips???
I was gonna go for the Languedoc regio next day...
that's Narbonne-Perpignan and Spanish border..
will tell you later on..Tiger..
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