Goals : Short- and Long-Term Ones

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How short-term need a short-term goal be ? There are times when I think waking up from a restful slumber, making it to the computer, and remembering what I wanted to learn on a GOOGLE search meets this criterion.
I have been known to experiment to see what would be a hobby, an interest, a passion. I don't have many passions. I acquire language and even though I am a native American English speaker, I continue to learn things that are totally peculiar and specific to our tongue.
Even though I'm slowly approaching 50, I am in the evolutionary state of further learning in my field. I'll be a good nurse one fine day. Most folks like me just the way I am. I get pretty fearless when I've got two buckets of water and a dozen wash cloths and towels in tow!
I raise chickens and have decided that this would be the year I start from egg. Who knows where it will lead? I've even toyed with the idea of keeping a goat around, but that might make the meter-reader a tad bit nervous.
Have a look-see at what's going on at the local college. That's good for feeding a long- or short-term goal. Sometimes having 7+ hours of sleep at night is my greatest achievement.
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