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so..ferry trip towards Goa..I believe it took more then 10 hours..
arriving in Panjim..was like stepping into another country..
Goa is known for beaches..sunshine..its liberal ideas..it's people..
it's so damn different from India..it's like Portugal within India..
I decided to stay 2 nights..and leave on day 3 by train..
direction Bangalore(Karnataka)Goa in the early 70's...
was a paradise for hippies..liberal laws on drugs..sunny beaches..
unfortunately..things have taken a worse turn..even in these days..
average Indians..frowned upon behaviour of hippie junkies..
the heavy freaks..were just addicted..to any drug available..
they went either to Manali,Katmandu or Benares..and then came
back to Goa..there were cases of nudism..no problem..
the Indians took it as a sightseeing these days..bwaahah..
but hippies got a bad name...when in the 70's some death cases
were reported=overdose..or when hippie junkie chicks prostituted
themselves to get these drugs..and then..people started looking
differently at hippies..I don't know about nowadays..but I think
nowadays it's more centered on beach holidays..Goa got such a
nice temperature chart..It's mostly sunny all year round..
nature is fascinating..with palm trees..loveley green vegetation..
beaches like Anjuna,Miramar,Dona Paula etc..old churches..
loveley folks these Goans...always smiling..it's their nature..
so..in Panjim..I got into a rather dirty but very cheap hotel..
for 2 nights..together with the Dutch couple..I recall..the room..
was O.K..but the kitchen??we saw coakcraches crawling around
on the walls..bahh..Panjim is nice..I went to Miramar beach..
took a sunbath...and burned my ass..did not put sun cream..
in the evening..I looked like a Cajun lobster..my fault..
it gets so damn hot in Goa..it makes you lazy..and you just wanna
rest or lay down..the heat is sometimes too much in India..
the influence of the Portugese is still seen everywhere in Goa..
in its churches..architecture of the houses,people's mentality etc..
just everywhere..it feels different from the rest of India..
Goans are Catholics mostly..but some Hindu+Moslims are present..
Panjim is on the Mandovi river..I walked through the narrow lanes
of Old Goa..very quiet..loveley churches..looked colonial too me..
I believe Goans took their siesta while I was there..not too many
folks out on the street..Goa got these caf?s+bars..I got into one
and was served by a Goa belle..now..*feni*is a local booze..
quite strong..made from coconut palm..a shot of *feni* straight..
will get you high..it's better to mix it with some limca or water?
because it can be quite potent if you're not used to it..
food in Goa..different again..they use lots of spices..and chillies..
try a*vindaloo*a very hot curry of pig meat,spices,garlic etc...
I did not get the shits from it this time..ahah..
so day 1..was mostly strolling around..talking to the locals..
and drink and food..damn..it was hot that day..I recall it very well..
will try to get you peeps a good link about Goa..
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