Ghardaia-Hassi Messaoud-Touggourt-El Oued(Algeria)

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Next stop after El Golea was Ghardaia..looked nice..
I don't recall much from the traject towards El Oued..
around Hassi Messaoud..I recall petroleum exploitation..
in central+northern part of Algeria..strict Muslim society...
one saw very rareley a woman in the streets..
and if you saw them..covered from top to bottom..
the Citroen car did well after that tyre change..
we were wondering about the ferry timings towards France..
I thought...and I hoped..I did not have to hang around..
too long in Tunis town..I knew beforehand..
it was gonna be..cold in was beginning february..
so..we drove all day..from El Golea towards El Oued..
slept in the car..not very comfortable..
next day..we were gonna cross into Tunisia via Nefta..
I'll tell you all later on about this country..not bad..
i'll see if I can get some link on Algeria..
click Touggourt or El Oued..
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