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We reached Geiranger quite early..bus from Andalsnes at 6 morning..
this is such a beautiful place..we went to tourist office..
and booked a fjord excursion trip towards Hellesylt..
there were lots of tourists..since this spot is even a stop for cruise ships..
the ferry trip along the Geiranger fjord takes about 1 hour..and one gives
tourist information in 4's absolutlely brilliant scenery..
very famous sights along are a few waterfalls(foss)they are called by names
even on this for instance 7 sisters,bridal veil etc...
the whole bunch of South Koreans were on the ferry as well..very lively folks..they always seemed to smile...we reached Hellesylt...and we had a break of maybe 1 hour..because we booked return to Geiranger...
Hellesylt is a place in the middle of nowhere...but oh..what a mighty and
very powerful waterfall to be witnessed..we watched the force..believe me
it's quite powerfull to stand in front...listening to the roaring sound of this
mighty waterfall making its way down..we took the ferry back..
everbody seemed to try to send a postcard from this place..the small post
office was cramped with tourists..Geiranger fjord,you know??
same bus driver as in the morning back to Andalsnes..we talked with him..
he told us about autumn and winter time driving this Trollstigenvei..
bit different he said..when the tourists are gone..lots of snow as well..
damn..he could drive a bus..not easy on these narrow mountain hairpins..
so..Andalsnes..last day..train towards Dombas..
then Lillehammer..I had been there before in my earlier trips...
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