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Before noon..we went to the supermarket to buy something..
we found it appropriate to present some kind of gift to the family
we were gonna visit..supermarkets and shops in Africa are often
run by either Libanese or Indian settlers...I'm not very sure??
but I believe the name of the supermarket was Chellarams??
we bought some flowers..and some little stuff as well..
so Fatou's husband...picked us up by car..they lived around Banjul..
let's say a 15 min .drive from Banjul town...reaching there..
it was getting dark..surprisingly Fatou lived in an extended family..
it was a large compound..with a courtyard..and several of her aunts
and uncles..occupied that living space..they all came to welcome us..
I must say I felt bit awkward in the beginning..what to talk about??
most of the aunts only spoke local how to break the ice??
these ladies were very curious about the whereabouts of my wife.
in that compound there was no Fatou served us some dish..
rice+vegetables..which we were eating with the shine of candles in our faces..
it was really nice to experience this..stepping into a culture??
the aunts were dressed in very colourfull African dresses..and some head
turban like only African woman can wear them...
they were mostly smiling..giggling..and very curious...
in the beginning they were bit shy..but after food was served..
they all watched us eat..if one respects someone's cultural habits..
it's very much appreciated..they were Muslims..
the evening went by quick..we thanked everybody..
they were impressed..that we had the guts to visit them..
they liked the were driven back by car...
by Fatou's husband...our Gambia visit was over..
next day..back to taxi brousse
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