fruits of India..

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Well..let me tell you..I practically survived on fruits..
during my travells..they are cheap..and available..
banana' different shapes..and flavours..
the small ones in Assam=sini champa..
amrood=guava..go to Allahabad..when they are in season..
it's such a source of vitamines..
it tastes like between a pear/strawberrie..
mango's=south of Goa...abundantly availabe during the season..
South India..cashew nuts in Coimbatore..Kodaikanal regio..
damn...Indian fruits....are a source of positive energy..
wash the ones without a peel..before you eat them..
and stay away from hot dishes...with jolokia's inside=pillie pillie..
you'll get the shits..Oh...reminds me..Indian medicines....are GREAT..
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