Fractal Geometry (Work In Progress)

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song that I'm writing. Very drum driven with an electronic feel. Lyrics delivered in a syncopated, flowing, almost rap-ish kinda way.

My mind wonders what's inside of the mystery, the dream, unraveling the seams
of a story told in time and how it comes, ebbs and it flows
the secret to the meaning is to never truly know

Time unwinds, spirals out in front of me, visually expressed from fractal geometry,
tiny universes full of endless possibilities spring into existence, stretching out to the periphery

Laughing as they play, they dance and interchange, delighted at the thought that they could meet with you this day.
Their essence permeating your mind, yea, that's the seed. The sparkle in your eyes from the light between the leaves. <---reference to another song

Now every direction is affected, everywhere you look and see, the reticulated machinations of all that could come to be.
this moment is eternal, this moment is unlimiting, yet this moment's just a glint on the horizon of infinity.
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