flying to Dakar...

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So..I got a letter from the Senegalese embassy Brussels..
in it was a return ticket Brussels-Dakar with Sabena airlines..
and a letter to be presented to Senegal tourism in Dakar..
giving me the voucher for 10 days free stay in a hotel of my choice..
the hotel we picked was Teranga Sofitel..more then 250 rooms..
fact was that I was worried that I would have to pay the 10 nights
hotel for my wife..and a luxury hotel in West Africa..was not cheap..
I booked a Sabena ticket for my wife..and one day..we flew.. wife was not very keen on Africa..she was afraid
of it,I believe..I re-assured her it would be O.K...the flight went fine..
reaching Yoff airport when it's no pleasure's hot..
lots of,Sir..change money,Sir..what's your name,Sir..
well..I had been in Senegal mid 70's..I knew what to expect..
and how to deal with it..I had to change some French francs into CFA..
and we did not take a taxi..but a bus..funny ride it was..
but it was safe at least..beware in Dakar..just watch out..
for beggars,pickpocketers etc..they are very persistent...
we reached the hotel..and booked in for 10 nights..
showed my letter..they said..teranga..which means welcome in Wolof..
the room was very large..big bed...bathroom,shower,toilet..
we were on the 9th floor..little balcony..overlooking the ocean..
we were tired...and slept morning..breakfeast..
served in buffet style..I was NOT used to this..
lots of choice..different breads,meat,cheese,drinks,fruits..
my wife was crazy about breakfast..
we went to the Dakar tourism office..I was bit worried..
one very friendly fellow..welcomed us..I showed him my letter..
he smiled and come you know so much about my country??
participating in a quiz on television..I told him..I visited Dakar before..
he was Wolof tribe my surprise..and I bet to my wife's surprise..
he gave us a signed paper back for the hotel..
allowing even for my wife..10 days hotel half pension..
bwahah...I couldn't believe my eyes..after this..we went back to the
hotel..presented the necessary papers for our free stay..
and we went for a short stroll into Dakar center...
I'll tell in a later posting..about our adventures in Dakar..
and we were planning to visit taxi brousse..
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