flying home..via Russia....

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Next towards Palam international airport...
see to always keep some Indian roepies..
for departure taxes..flight was in time..Boeing 747..
Air 8 to 9 hours flight..via Moscow..
Air India serves good inflight food..what I did not like..
was the stop in Moscow was bloody cold..
airport looked cold...very Sowjetlike..anyway..we did not get down..
usually lots of flights to India take the gulf state route..
like Dubai etc..later on..I made a stop once in Dubai airport..
hehe...what a luxury there..we touched down in Amsterdam..
after a good flight..exept for Moscow..then hopping flight to Brussels..
we were back wife came home 1 month later..
surprise was...she met a young Polish student doctor in New Delhi airport..
he gave his adress to her..and invited us..
for a Poland..Marian was from Poznan..
that's my next trip..Poland..from train...
via East Berlin(DDR)to Poland..fascinating country..
these was still not as free as today..
I'll tell you about our adventures in Poland....
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