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The ferry for Gudvangen was leaving quite early..
on deck..it was rather chilly in the beginning..
it was a very thrilling experience to see the Aurlandsfjord..
and then get into a side fjord called Naeroyfjord..
this was a very narrow fjord..at a certain point..
the guide told us..that there was a village on the left..
with 3 houses only...so..very thinly populated..
must be luvly..to live there..if you can take the loneliness..
the whole boat trip was very relaxing..it took 2 hours..
it's amazing going through these fjords..such luvly scenery..
in Gudvangen..we went off the ferry...but it was a place..
in the middle of nowhere..nothing to see really..
about 1 hour later..we took the same ferry back to Flam..
all together..it was a very worthwhile excursion..
our last day in Flam..tomorrow..scenic train ride to Myrdal again..
this time climbing..then change train from Myrdal to Bergen...
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