Fixed In Your Heartless Stare

Published by Friar Turk in the blog Friar Turk's Ramblings and Poetry. Views: 582

The Sunray spilled your heart into the river
waterine and spindly like the moss covering your silver eyes

The Cat cries in the wilderness and the Blue Moon is haunted
by your moaning love

Love unlikely as a New Star Falling when even darkness collapses your lips
incandescent and Crystal, like crystal k, and a chandelier colliding with the Night

How could you not hear the cry of the wind - the whisper of tree
moaning whispers of your name

Savannah Blue

I thought you were traipsing-about in the radiant light of the morning, casting
dew-stripped glances and ghetto aspersions at the madding crowd

of nightengales and maybe owls

Owling any spirit that moves towards your Still Death Eyes
flickering in the shadows, the moths drawn on by the vapour of your breathe

Your Rosebreathe or Death Candy filled with Arsenic and Lemondrop
Fixed in Your Heartless Stare: they burn away
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