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Hi everybody,
I have been fishing and of course I’m doing it barefoot and I love it. I had some people ask me if I’m ok or do I need help . I asked them why are you all asking me that is it because I’m barefoot? And they said yes I told them I’m good I just don’t wear shoes or socks or boots at all they where surprised to see a barefoot guy at this time of the year. And the guy’s told me that they go barefoot in there homes but they don’t go barefoot outside they wear flip flops. And they don’t go barefoot outside this time of the year . I told them that I have been going barefoot for over 27 years and I love my lifestyle of being barefoot and I did tell them that I saved a lot of money not buying shoes or socks. And they ask do I go everywhere barefoot and I said yes stores to the movies and to restaurants but I do Carrie a pair of flip flops in my truck just in case I have to wear shoes. I really never had strangers ask me so Manny questions and they where positive questions. And they ask me my age and I told them my age I’m 51 years old. And they ask if I was married I said I was but not many more and it’s hard to find a woman Now day’s and to find one that is ok of a man that goes barefoot more than the lady’s do. But I will not change my lifestyle of going barefoot I really love my lifestyle and I do keep my bare feet looking good my solos do get jet black but the tops of my bare feet are clean and my toenails trimmed I get a Pedicure every month so when people look at my bare feet they look great. So as we where talking we where bring in some good size trout they where 15 inches long I got my Limit of trout so I packed up and said goodbye and now I have a few more fishing Buddies and they don’t mind me being barefoot. Will everybody keep barefooting
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