Fishing today

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I went fishing today and it was windy as hell but there was other people there too. And of course i was barefoot i love the feel of the path i take to my fishing hole. It's black top and gravel and where i get off the trail to go to my fishing hole is dirt and patches of weeds and it feels great on my bare feet. As i was walking to the fishing hole there where some people saying that likethe fish are not bitting good today and it was only in the 60's we have a cold front comming through. And the people would look down and they would say your barefoot. And i tell them yes I'm barefoot all year around. They people that where there was men and women and kids they where wearing flip/flops and i was barefoot the way everybody should be it's healthier being barefoot and you don't have to worry about your flip / flop coming off your feet. And by the time i left my spot almost everybody had there flip/flops off and getting there bare feet dirty the way it should be.I do know my bare feet got a darker tan now. And my bare feet are not just dark but the solos of my bare feet are so black it looks like i have black sandals on but i don't. I hope everybody has a barefoot weekend and a barefoot week coming up .
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