porkstock41 Nov 8, 2014



ate a hit and a half of acid...was a pretty fun time.  tripping feels so fleeting to me lately. even on something long lasting like LSD, it feels like the trip just flies by and i wanna do it again soon after it's over.  i think this time the feeling was amplified by the fleeting hours of daylight.  there wasn't a whole lot of time to play around outside before it got dark. 


i had to go to lab on sunday and take care of my cells.  i dosed when i still had about 30-40 minutes left at work...started feeling it kinda strong before i was done and went into a slight panic thinking "i gotta get the fuck outta here!"


then i rode my bike along the river trail to downtown, so that i could find the courthouse where i would have to report to jury duty the next morning haha.


then i just cruised around on my bike, went through the cemetery a little bit, admiring the fall colors, which was partly why i wanted to trip so bad recently.  i posted some pictures in another thread here [taken the day of my trip]:  http://www.hipforums...tion/?p=7651935

and here [taken a couple days before]: http://www.hipforums...tion/?p=7651298


soon it was getting dark, and i biked around a little more through these trails in the woods.  i had to have my headlight on to even pretend to be able to see.  then i made my way back home and had a pretty normal, chill night.  until my "friend" came over to smoke some weed, offended my wife, and was called a "fucking piece of shit" by her in return.  he decided to show himself out, and i don't think we are friends anymore.