Finland=188.000 lakes

Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 144 of the sauna..more then 188.000 lakes..
There's about a lake every village,I believe
Finnish people I do like..they like a joke,booze etc..
went from Rovaniemi downwards to Kemi/Haparanda..
Finnish-Swedish fact twin towns..
hitched down the coastline towards Oulu..nice villages..
Oulu-Jyvaskyla takes you into lake countryside
met some crazy Finnish chicks..with their boyfriends...
went for an evening of booze+music..they played 60's music.. drunk..but the Finnish before me..they drank themselves
under the table..these chicks act funny when drunk???fighting over
a boy..on the street..with high heels in their hands
shouting perkele..hellevetti..vitu..Finnish bad slang words
don't recall much after this..I went to Helsinki..and to Turku..
boat towards Stockholm(Sweden)more later on..
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