Ferk?ssedougou-Bouak?(Ivory Coast)

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I went by train towards Bouak?...nice ride it was..
a train trip in Africa..is where you meet the people..
same as taxi brousse rides..Bouak? was a nice town..
stayed a day there..very loveley nature in Ivory coast..
it was all so tropical..and green..huge trees..
Ivory Coast is known for pineapples..I stocked up on them..
very cheap..and good source of vitamins as well..
all over in Africa..I found these little roadstalls..
for a coffee..or grilled meat..very cheap food..
and great talking..with the locals..
Bouak? is Baoul? tribe country..
they make beautiful artifacts..masks etc...
nice local market..called Grand March?..
the usual African stuff in there..
I'll try to find a link about Bouak?..

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