Fedora-shaming Shaming

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It's been nine years since I made an entry about a hat I bought. This was before HF changed their interface, and I'd actually had a number of blog/journal entries posted back then. Too bad you can't access your really old journal entries from before the Big Move, so to speak.

Oh yes, this hat........... I'd been super excited about it when I got it in 2009. I would wear that hat all the time that year. A typical fur felt fedora, meaning it's better quality than a wool counterpart, certainly more expensive than the latter, and definitely not a summer hat for obvious reasons. Although, I think I've read that some people wear those even in the summertime. I'd probably suffer from heatstroke if I did that, lol.

One thing about hats is that, if I like a hat, I wear it OFTEN. This means I would wear it in all kinds of weather conditions. I also have a beaver felt cowboy hat that no longer quite fits me, but that thing went through some serious abuse. It got rained on so many times, it got dropped in a lake, it got snowed on, it got sat on, and I feel like it still has life inside it. In my old journal entry from 2009, I'd referred to this hat as "an old friend". Nine years later, we've both gotten older. Even the hat I purchased in 2009, the main topic of this blog, is older now. I feel like I've gained another "old friend", and that's always cool.

So, why am I talking about this 9-year-old hat, you ask? (Wait, you weren't asking? Doesn't matter, it's my blog and this is where I share my thoughts and feelings and random shit.) Well, the truth is that this hat hadn't been wearable for the past few years due to shrinkage. I'd really wanted to take it to a hatter to get it resized, but I'd just keep putting it off and putting it off.........until just today, I decided to simply take the matters into my own hands and stretch the bloody thing myself. So I did that using steam and this huge bowl that also has enough depth. The result is that the size is a bit bigger now, but I really do think it's shrunk a little bit since. Maybe applied too much steam afterward while trying to reshape the hat, and that might have caused the crown to shrink again. But at least it's wearable now, and I'm happy about that because it's like I got my old friend back. But I think I'll put it through another stretch at a later time, just to further enlarge the size.

The 27-year-old cowboy hat is a completely different matter altogether. I thinnk I'll just take it to a hatter to get it resized. It might even be too small for my head now. But maybe in the future, I might have a family of my own where someone in that family might want to wear it. It's a good quality hat, if beaten up, so it could be one of those family heirloom type things, lol.

Yeah, I do love hats, lol.
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