F a gravity bong

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you know im so tired of hearing & seeing youtube videos about GRAVITYBONGS and how they are so great!
they are not! cutting off the bottom of a liter soda bottle is a good idea in theory
but they pull as strong of a hit(weak in comparison)as a regular water bottle!!!so wtf!?

tell you what,ill get you fucked up!
#1.go buy a smartwater bottle
#2.use a lighter burn ONE small hole in the bottom as big as a highlighter marker
#3.take the top of a pencil the metal part and take the eraser out it should have a small hole under
where the eraser was N you melt under the cap of the bottle until its soft & push that into it
(this is where you weed will sit)
#4.get a pitcher of water(for koolaid or tea) & fill it with sink water & push the bottle in
the bottle will fill slowly & drain slowly but ONLY PUT THE CAP ON AFTER the bottle is full of water
#5.screw on the cap with the weed on it NOW & add fire while pulling
use two fingers to pinch the top of the bottle & pull slowly
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