Entry 16: on "The White Binder" name

Published by The Instinct in the blog the white binder cont. from old journal days. Views: 194

I changed the title to my hipforums journal today. I no longer felt that "Instincual Thoughts" was proper. I used to have over 10 years of journal writing, a big mistake happened in my life, then I destroyed it all- All the journals of writing that I kept in my white binder. So now properly (for me) this online journal will be called "The White Binder". I need to make note that destroying the writings I did in my white binder was not the mistake. It was actually very healthy for me to do so. It's like starting over, a new life. When I looked back on all the other writing, I felt depressed and it was like a reminder to continue to be depressed...even though it was all just venting.
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