Entry 14: Tired of the same old life

Published by The Instinct in the blog the white binder cont. from old journal days. Views: 112

I'm tired of the same old life. I have done the same things for years, reverted back to old thoughts and friends, written the same ideas in poetry or in writing longer things and I'm just tired of it. Tired of needing to feel this negative comfort zone. I'd like to feel a positive change in my life. Something that is beneficial or good that I can stick with. It makes me feel a little insane when I look back on my life. It's funny, at my age now, when I was young I thought would be old, now I'm that age and older people think I'm still young. I guess the weathered aspect of life hasn't full hit me yet to fully understand, but I do understand a greater deal more than I think... I'm sure. Oh-well.
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