Enjoying The Day With Pay

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While I work a full-time job, I'm sometimes called for overtime. It's particularly handy when the overtime falls on a holiday. No such call to come in to work was received, so I'm home with the dust bunnies, vacuum cleaner, and lots of paper bags to toss away the trash.
Contrary to what most folks in the United States might think of us in Los Angeles, we do feel weather conditions here. Since our homes are generally not made of the powerful insulators that are used back east, we tend to be a bit more sensitive to colder weather here. Of course, matters would be helped were we better equipped at dressing more warmly.
But I digress.
For many years in my life, I worked as an office temporary. You work. You get paid. During those leaner years there would be times when no money would come in. That's not a good thing if you need to pay rent. I also didn't accrue sick leave or vacation time. Being unable to work due to illness bites the big one.
These days I am a union member with the American Federation of Government Employees. I get representation against management. I get a voice when my union delegates go to Washington, DC. I also have laws in place to secure my job for me. All in all, it's a good deal.
I do worry about the political contenders who are running for office in the USA who talk 'big-and-tough' about taking these benefits from us.
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