End of July 2019

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Thing is, there was this girl. My first, should have been last,
should have been still.
Fun it was, we had fun. I wanted a family, she
wasn't ready. So many things we should have done,
so many. Regrets are easy to come by, girls like her
however, are not.

My First My Love

they, bleed, they
won't heal.

Hoping through
the years,
I could forget.

Reading of you,
Valentine's Day,
alone, lonely streets.
very sadly, it
all came back.

And so, even still
they won't heal.

or love,
one to the other
same as the other,
when seen
such lovely eyes
my love,
and my friend.

O God
my love,
a prayer,

a dream
you should never
be sad.

If you so wish
I will cry enough tears
for the both of us.

Then just to hold,
then just to kiss
a thousand more times,
for every one second

Hope just to hold you
one last time,
look in your eyes
that you may see in mine,
how wondrous it was
to be with you.

A dream in my heart
to be close once more,
softly to whisper
that I'll always
Love You.

as it must be so,
to turn
just walk away.

As I must,
being now
with another.
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