Embryology In Islam: A False Positive.

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Sometime in the middle of my teen years, I became intrigued with the "scientific facts" that has scattered in the Qur'an. Because the book has covered things such as embryology (Kur 23:14) by stating that you are semen, then you are this "clot", then you are a lump, then you are bones, then it is clothed with flesh and eventually a living offspring. I found it strange that the Quran would say that we were bare bones (Fakhalaqna Mudhghatan Idhaman-"Then made made the lump bones"). But I brushed it off by conforming to some translations that superimpose 'from/in' in the English translation, changing the meaning to "Then we made in the lump bones. And from here on then I found it hard to justify the Quranic or the Hadithic (Narrations passed down from the prophet) narratives, some of these hadiths say that we stay as semen for the first 40 days whereas other suggest that after 40 days we become a clot (blood-clot) "like so" (in the womb for 40 days) and ditto for the "lump". Inconsistent with the speeding pace of embryonic development.








The hadiths suggest that you remain semen for 40 days. Some say that you remain semen until the angel shapes it (after 4x days passed), or say that you become a clot of blood after the 40th day 'like so' (for a similar period). But in reality the embryo begins to change shape 15-17 days after conception, and continues to change shape to the point it develops limbs as early as the 30th day (Not only has it taken shape earlier but it looks like an actual creature at this point) . And that's still at the time it would remain semen with 10 days remaining to take shape as part of the tradition puts it. And also the fact that we supposedly become a clot afterwards is ludicrous, since limb development took place way before the Islamic "lump" period. And ossification is a process that takes place approx 40 days after conception(In which the semen becomes a clot in the Islamic tradition, when it explains you are bones after the 'lump' period, which is after the 'clot' period), along with muscle development rather than them being sequenced in a step-by-step manner as the holy book explains it (Then we made the lump bones then we clothed the bones [with] flesh). Showing that the Islamic Embryonic teachings are outdated and don't match scientific studies over the matter.

And this is one of the few reasons I've left Islam ; written in a simplified manner.
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