El Oued-Nefta-Tozeur-Gafsa-Kairouan-Tunis(Tunisia)

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So..we were gonna drive into Tunisia..
off all the Maghreb countries..I think it's the most liberal..
Algeria was very conservativ..Morocco..well..don't know??
we came upon Nefta after the border crossing into Tunisia..
no hassle at the border..I recall the heat...bwaahah...
it was not easy sometimes..sitting in a car the whole day..
in temperatures which went above 35 degrees Celsius...
Nefta..now..if you wanna see an oasis..go there..
it was a center for Sufism Islam..even in these days..
it holds a mausoleum of a Sufi saint..again in Nefta..
palmtrees..dates..and very colourful little streets..
driving towards Tozeur..now..this is a place to remember..
desertlike...and fantastic fata morgana's..
gave us some look at the Chott el Djerid=salt lake.
very arid area of South Tunisia..they are famous..
yes..the best dates in Tunisia..and also for a mineral..
called *rose of the desert*it looks like an opened rose..
colours go from green towards,blue,grey,brown..
I recall this because we made a stopover for food in Tozeur..
souvenir hustlers are always active,you know..ahahah..
did not buy anything..apart from dates..yes..dates..
the heat around Tozeur was terrible..we drove towards Gafsa..
then Kairouan..place looked wonderful...but..we just drove
through it..pity..lots of mosques..and they told us...
the Kairouan carpet industry was worthwhile..
finally we reached the capital=Tunis..the Italian dude..
dropped me somewhere in the Medina(souk)
after all this fellow..gave me the hitchhiking adventure..
of my life..I really was lucky..to cross from Tam to Tunis..
just sharing maybe 25 dollars of benzine..otherwise..
it would have been bus to El Golea..bus to El Oued etc..
and benzine..luckily..was cheap in Algeria..they had oil..
in Tunis town..after being dropped into the souk...
I went looking for a hotel..and it turned out later on..
a 3 nights stay..I had to wait for the ferry to Marseille(France)
will tell you peeps a bit more about Tunis town later on..
crazy Tiger
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