Earth Star-Sphere

Published by Friar Turk in the blog Friar Turk's Ramblings and Poetry. Views: 40

Young sphere of the Ancient Faith
Make to look Heavy w/ Yearning
And Teeming life
But Kept light in the hand of the sceptre maiden
Only Recently
Found time
to Purchase the Earth
with seeds from Distant Worlds
and Surrounding Her with fecund Mist
spinning the elemental disc
Into layers of sustaining ratio
with Life and pollen
falling all Around
Like ambient Creation
or the Tears of some demi-Urge
groaning to travail
the spirit of god
or the silence
the parting of the waters
Into the void
and from the void
or the Breach of Sound Itself
humming Along
To and Fro
Across the Transversal
Of Seeming Time
The Mystery of the Infinite
Made to Rest
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