Durga puja in Calcutta(West Bengal)

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I believe it was in 1980..I witnessed durga puja in Calcutta..
now..just believe me..I've never seen a festival like this one..
me and my wife stayed at my sister in law's place..
she was married to a Bengali dude..nice people..
durga puja is usually held late september or october..
it celebrates the beginning of autum...a new harvest..
every neighbourhood in Calcutta town builds *pandals*
I don't know how they do it..but it's quite remarkeable..
every Indian household does its own *aarti*(puja)
but this one..is so massive..the whole town is vibrating
with festivities..drum music..colours..I can't explain it..
it takes several days..people invite each other for meals...
visit each other's houses..it's a time of joy..
last day...all these bamboo made *pandals* are carried..
in procession towards the Hooghly river..then they are immersed.
while chanting the hymn *Jai Ma Durga* which means..
hail to Mother Durga..Bengali Hindus are very devotional folks..
here is a link with some more detailed information...

crazy Tiger

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