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Calais was a busy ferry terminal..we all enjoyed the crossing..
duty free shops..the excitement of being on a boat..
Dover was reached...and when our bus left Dover Docks...
we could see the white aunt remembered Vera Lynn..
Dover castle overlooks the hill..we just crossed it on the way..
to Canterbury..Dover is just a place..where everybody goes through
quickly..I bet no tour package bus from the continent..
makes a stopover in headed towards Canterbury..
for a short tourist visit..all I recall from this place..
are the buskers on the main street..
Canterbury is a walking traffic..
its the main focus points for tourists..
very ancient and historical..we made a brief visit...
after that..we headed for our hotel in London..
a 3 star one..good service..and a nice room..
other electricity sockets..uhuh..we even had to adjust our watches..
and a*pint of lager*payed by my the hotel bar..
London..big fact..never liked it..give me a Norvegian fjord..
I'll tell you peeps about London..classical bus package tour..
the usual stuff..Tower..Madame Tussaud..a doubledecker bus ride..
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