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Will today i had a doctor's appointment with a new doctor and everyone told him that I'm always barefoot. And so that's how I am so i walk in everybody said hi and how i was doing . So wait to be called to go back to see the doctor and i ask the nurse how is the doctor and if i will be ok because of my bare feet. She said i think you will be ok so as i was called to go to the room and had my blood pressure and oxygen and heart rate done. The nurse ask me if i everywear flip/flops i said if i have to but i never do. And she said you will like this doctor and i ask why she said you will see. So after all that was over she left told the doctor and then he came in and to my surprise he was barefoot i was so happy to have a doctor that likes to go barefoot. So we talk about my medical history and after he ask if i had any questions all i said that it's nice to have a doctor that like to go barefoot. And i ask if me being barefoot in his office is ok he said no it great to see a someone that like going barefoot go barefoot in the doctor office. And he said that i will always be expected in his office and i did tell him that I'm always barefoot all year around he said even in the winter i said yes and he ask to see my bare feet to see how dirty the bottoms are and he said wow they are black . I said yes they are and i said the blacker the better and he said that he is the same way i said that's great. He said everyone in his family goes barefoot they really never wear shoes or socks. So i left his office and I'm every happy with my new doctor that we both love to be barefoot and i don't have to worry about being asked if i have shoes that i can put on. That is the happiest day about seeing a new doctor i have ever been about a doctor visit. So everyone keep barefooting.
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