Did I Mention...

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...that Deanna first acted like my gf, then started fucking with my head, then got me fired from my job, then ignored me for years and years?

Some of you know this. Not many, tho.

It was good, tho. It got me better at fucking shit off.

She got me fired almost 13 years ago. Now she is talking to me on the phone and via texts and is saying she will bring her adult daughter with her to visit me next spring.

She even told me "I love you" on the phone a couple times in the past few months. And sent me a selfie with her hair in her face.

Some of you know this. I am thinking that if you are reading my blogs, then YOU should know it also. Just so you don't mistake the limited conception of me of which you are capable with whom I actually am. So that there will be fewer interpersonal mistakes in this regard, see? :)

I don't fit into boxes very well. If that makes shit hard for you, I apologize. Boxes are nice, of course...it is just that they are also kind of boring after a while.

From my viewpoint, life is pretty fucking complicated. I keep forgetting that life is a lot simpler for most folks. I keep thinking they see shit the way I do, but it is mostly not so, is it? :)

If you don't understand wtf I am sayin here, then that might be a clue. :)

To be honest: Deanna was a complete asshole to me in a lot of ways, and for a long time. And I learned from that. And now I am a complete asshole also. Well, at least I appear that way to some folks. The thing is, I no longer see Deanna as an asshole. Maybe that is why she is now treating me like a friend again...she told me years ago that men fall for her because of her looks, but do not really know who she is. I think I have learned better who she is...and have become more like her. ;)

If you think that life is simple, then I think you don't see very much. And if that pisses you off, then I hope you learn to deal with those negative feelings better...

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