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Copenhagen..early 70's..was full of life during the summer months..
from Vesterbrogade(Central Railway Station)one could walk to the central
Radhusplassen..there Stroget this was the longest shopping
street I ever walked..all the way to Kongens Nytorv..full of shops..
always some animation...street buskers..just hippies hanging around..
I always enjoyed Copenhagen a lot..I've been there about 4 times..
in 1993 i visited my ex girl friend Aslaug in Norway together with my wife..
she had changed a lot..i did not see her for 22 years..on this goal was the farm of Aslaug in Al(Hallingdal)I was going to work there 2 weeks
so..I left Copenhagen and hitched a ride up North to Helsingor..where ferry
connects over to Helsingborg(Sweden)I intended to hitch to G?teborg and
then to Oslo(Norway)ferry over to Sweden is very frequent and took 25 cross..will tell later about my adventures in Sweden..nice country..
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