Deanna Returns From The Dead - Again

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Yes, well...she does this repeatedly, you know. Fucks me off then comes back all friendly like...this time emitting smooching sounds on the phone and a big "mmmmm" phone hug.

Of course, you need to understand that before she phoned, I had not heard ANYTHING from her in...I dunno...weeks. Last I knew she was fucking me off for another guy.

But see: We still had this telepathic relationship that would not quit. Cuz: How could it?

So earlier today we had a LONG telepathic conversation - me pacing endlessly through my apartment, trying to get her to talk some sense to me, but mostly just getting bullshit from her, which she is uber good at.

Finally she pretty much stopped fucking with me, got me kinda peaceful, and told me she would talk to me again on the phone and be my sweetness and light again.

This was completely telepathic conversation, understand.

I went back to work for a few minutes, and then: Yes. She phoned me.

And she was more my dear Deanna than ever...catching me up on her news, telling me she loved me, and giving me phone kisses and hugs.

Keep in mind that I am trying to write a book about my relationship with this woman. She told me out loud, face to face, back in late 2002 that she was going to write a book with me - even if it was 20 years later.

20 years from 2002 is 2022. So...six more years?

In the meantime she and her daughter have moved out of her house cuz the roof is ready to cave in, and she can't afford to fix it, and she needs major hip surgery, but can't do that until she gets her teeth fixed, and soon she will need to cross union picket lines to get to work, hobbling with her cane.

My youngest daughter, age 17, asked me today, "Why are you still trying to be with her?"

Well, it's complicated.

Maybe next blog entry I'll try to 'splain...
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