dance styles from India..

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So..India has several dance styles...
1/Bharata Natyam=evolved out of a temple ritual in South India..
performed by devadasis=girls specially dedicated to the temple..
from childhood they learned the footwork+eye expressions..
now danced also as an art form..
2/Kathak=evolved in Moghul courts..
a great master was Birju Maharaj(male dancer)
lots of ankle bells are used..
dancers in very bright and colourful costumes..
3/Kathakali=more theathre then dance actually..
mostly in South India(Kerala)
green faces..and stories out of Mahabarata or Ramayana..
4/Odissi=mostly from state of Orissa..
body takes form of an S..
mostly danced by women..
Gita Govinda is used as part of love life between Krishna
and repertoire of this is used in Odissi.
5/Manipuri=a dance from North East India..
6/Kuchipudi=a classical dance from Andhra Pradesh..

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