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So..a good breakfast again..very well served in buffet style..
we set off walking towards Sandaga market..
Dakar got a paralell running street pattern..nice spacious boulevards..
Sandaga..well..I had been there before in mid 70's..to tell you all..
I did not feel at ease..it's a very African oriented market..
Kermel..is the market for the *toubabs*=foreign residing folks..
Sandaga..well..was a very old building structure..dating from the 30's
once inside..you SMELL Africa..we saw tiger teeth,monkey testicles,
powders to increase this or that,grigris,talismen,snake skins,spices,
herbs,teeth,claws,tails from all sort of animals..also other things..
cd roms,fake watches,gadgets,electronical calculators..the whole shit..
we got approached by touts..watch out..I tell you..they use tricks..
to distract your attention..beware of your valuables..
my wife..was seen as an African woman..uhuh...
they asked her where she was from??if we said India..
then everybody got charmed..even in Senegal Hindi movies are in..
we took a bus towards the IFAN museum..it was not that far...
but we wanted to experience a bus ride...well..nice scents and smells..
nice looking Senegalese woman spreading their parfum..nice booboos..
intricate African hairdo's..dreads...Africans can really make hair patterns..
reaching IFAN museum...was closed for noon break..damn hot weather..
the warden told us to wait..but..he invited us to share food with his
little family..Muslim customs of course..we entered a courtyard..
some young teenage girls..probably his daughters?running around.
preparing food...it was ti? boudienne=national dish of Senegal..
we had to remove our shoes..food was served in a wok like thing..
and ALL of us eating with our hands..out of the same wok..
NEVER eat with left hand..and don't start eating..before the old fellow
starts eating..it's a sign of respect..traditions,you know..
eating there..gave us a feeling of being accepted..they felt so proud..
I knew French well of course..but I knew some Wolof language as well.
just say *nanga def*=how are you??*mangi fi rekk*=I'm O.K..
some Muslim greetings are very appreciated as well..
I knew some *surah*s by heart..they loved it..
bit later..after greeting the family and thanking them for the food..
we visited the museum..it's mainly masks..more etnological..
after that..we took some transport to Soumb?dioune..
nice ride on la Corniche=road bordering the ocean..cool breeze...
Soumb?dioune..was a bummer..crowded..lots of touts..
more then 200 shoplike stalls..and each one had a good price..
for an African mask,clothes,gadgets..it's too touristical..
we bought something..but I don't remember what..and me myself.
I can't bargain over a price..I never was interested in souvenirs etc..
next to Soumb?dioune is a fish market in the afternoon..
very colourful..but we felt left out as tourists..it's very African..
and hold your noses closed as well..it smells a bit..uhuh...
we went back to the hotel..took food..next day..Gor?e slave island..

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