Dakar=part3=Gor?e island(Senegal)

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So...I took that ferry crossing towards Gor?e..
took about 20 minutes..lots of hustlers..
trying to talk you into a guided tour etc....
this small island...was so touristical..for the fact..
it breathes peace..from the hustle/bustle that was Dakar town..
it's very small..but the walk here..was wonderful..narrow streets..
very peacefull..lovely vegeatation..nature,you know...
I guess about a 1000 people lived there..in typical houses..
Gor?e is connected to the slave trade..
slaves were put here in a prison like building..
awaiting their shipment to the colonies..
*la maison des Esclaves*as they called it..is nothing more then
a building where the slaves were kept..until their transport..
it's a sad thing..to stand there as a white skinned person.
hearing the guide explaining the cruel treatment of the blacks..
I felt ashamed..if you ask me??it's a building dating from 1786...
so...very ancient history..furthermore there are a few musea
on this tiny island..a few restaurants..all in very quiet settings..
one could even spend the night in some hotels..good price,I guess??
there's a church..a mosque..a Governors house...mini Dakar really??
I liked walking trough the little streets..talking to the people..
I had spend almost half a day for this trip..it was worthwhile..
I returned back to Dakar town..by ferry of course..and intended.
to leave Dakar..next morning..I was gonna try to hitch hike..
I knew..it would not work...but I was gonna try to reach the town
of Tambacounda..long haul..via Diourbel-Kaolack...
I was gonna take the train to Kayes and further on to Bamako(Mali)
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